Measures for professionals

10 October 2022

Measures for professionals

Measures for professionals

Whether you are a flight attendant, a pilot, a receptionist or a chambermaid, whether you work in an office, a shop or on a train, you know that you have to look smart at all times and sometimes for many hours at a time.

But it is very difficult to find comfortable shoes for such demanding conditions. Shoes for stewardesses and shoes for pilots or any other professional have specific requirements that normal shoes can't guarantee.

A good example of this is the volume measurements that the shoe itself has. A normal elegant shoe is only meant to be elegant and not comfortable.

However, if you spend many hours a week wearing elegant shoes, you need specific measurements that provide comfort and avoid serious problems in the foot, legs or spine in the long run.

During production, the space your foot will occupy in the shoe is filled by the Last, which will ultimately define the shoe's design. The measurements given to this Last are the key to a comfortable shoe.

In each pair we produce we put more than 20 years of experience, in the design of Lasts and the selection of the right materials for each style, for each use.

The styles identified with Pro Measures® guarantee the maximum possible comfort for each use.

Pro Measures® Room for your feet breathe!

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