Fast LaneŽ Technology

31 August 2021

Fast LaneŽ Technology

Fast LaneŽ Technology

We at Uniform Shoes strongly believe that footwear is an especially important part of your professional equipment and should never limit your performance when on duty. This is why all Uniform-shoes products incorporate Fast Lane technology.

This consists in removing all possible metallic elements present in a standard pair of shoes and replace them for alternative composite materials thus allowing your shoes not to beep at any Airport X-ray control, but, and this is equally important for us, as comfortable, solid and safe as if traditional metal parts were used. 

What metal parts are used in a normal pair of shoes?

Mainly we talk about the shank, one of the most important elements of your uniform shoes that lie deep inside the construction, invisible to the naked eye.

And what is s shank?

Basically, it is a narrow and long steel piece that is applied between the outsole and midsole (if you prefer, from the heel to roughly the middle of the shoe) and offers the stability, rigidness and balance when wearing heel shoes or boots.

Replacing that metal shank was a long-time project and after years of research, dozens of lab test that replicate extreme situations, we arrived to a certified formula of fiberglass/composite materials which guarantee remarkable results in resistance (to weight loads and shock impacts), reduced weight and, what was our main goal, all this is achieved using materials not detected by the X-Ray safety controls thus making our users experience a more comfortable one!

The best of both worlds… As a standard.

No troubles at security checks, no removing shoes.

Just do you job, we do ours!

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