Handmade with love in Portugal!
Produced by hand!

09 April 2019

Handmade with love in Portugal!

Handmade with love in Portugal!

Have you haver thought about the number of people involved in producing a single pair of Uniform-Shoes? Around 50!

From shoe designers, footwear technicians, quality control agents to logistics specialists, we try our best to have in our teams a great mix of expertise combined with a good amount of energy and innovation.

The idea of a new shoe typically comes from your world. When walking between gates at a busy airport, sitting inside that train linking airports and city centres, checking in at hotels, we see you at work, and when we believe we can offer you a superior product, our work starts !

Back to our industrial world, is all about developing that new last, almost as a sculpture, finding that elegant and yet stable heel that goes along, selecting the finest calf leathers or assessing the new bio-based vegan raw materials.

The first prototyping and the subsequent phases are always especially exciting: from an idea to the very first version of a product that visually scrutinized and test-fitted by our models.

After wear-trials are completed, when we replicate the type of usage you will give your pair of uniform shoes (ie long standing hours, for instance), we are ready to produce that first sample of an industrially and commercially viable pair of shoes. Hopefully this one will end up on your feet: a pair of uniform shoes with matchless characteristics. Comfortable, reliable, elegant and performant.

This is what we do. A professional approach to a very serious matter: create and deliver to you the best possible pair of uniform shoes.

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