A flight attendant Job
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03 October 2022

A flight attendant Job

A flight attendant Job
When many people think in Air Hostess they immediately think in a beautiful smile when entering the airplane, safety instructions that few people listen to, and a life of endless flying to breathtaking locations.

The reality is that a flight attendant profession is very demanding, and while their main job is the safety of the passengers, they must assure every single passenger feels welcome and enjoys their flight experience, even in 12 hours plus shifts, between countless time zones.

The Job sometimes starts hours before boarding when flight attendants are briefed by their captain. Weather conditions, possible turbulence, flight duration, and other factors that may affect the upcoming flight are discussed in detail.

Stewardesses must be prepared to deal with children, public figures, or passengers with special needs, all of them will be their responsibility after boarding and until they leave the flight, no matter what!

We are working with Airlines for more than 20 years now, from middle east to the USA we talked with many flight attendants, Inflight Managers, Cabin Service Directors that explained us the challenges of the profession.

Starting in airport commuting and security controls, passing by pre-take-off service and in-flight service, flight attendants walk for kilometers, in different altitudes, temperatures and humidity levels a true challenge to their mind and body, but specially to their feet.

Over the years we dedicated ourselves to the development of what we believe are the best possible shoes for flight personnel, striped from all features these professionals don’t need, and produced with carefully selected high quality materials.

A balance between durability and softness, flexibility, and support, cushioning and abrasion resistance in a wide selection of shoes to wear in all the different moments of the day.

A wide selection of stewardess pump shoes the best high heel shoes to greet your passengers, ballerinas for flight duty or comfortable sneakers to wear when commuting to the airport, discover our collection.

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