Comfort in the aviation industry.
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10 May 2024

Comfort in the aviation industry.

Comfort in the aviation industry.

Finding the right, comfortable shoes is especially important for pilots and cabin crew professionals.

With such a demanding profession constantly at high altitudes, reaching and carrying heavy volumes, standing for long periods and walking for several kilometers a day, it’s possible - even common – that they develop health problems such as sore and tired legs, back pain, and several foot problems.

If we think that we work around 2000 hours every year, the footwear we wear at work becomes more important. It is essential to choose the right shoes, comfortable, flexible and made in materials suitable for professional use.

They must be appropriate for every occasion, boarding and disembarking, cabin service, take-off, moving around airports, etc., never forgetting to respect each airline's guidelines and rules on the matter.

But even more important than the clothing guidelines, footwear for pilots, stewardesses and flight attendants must have the best possible grip, soft, certified leathers to ensure that no harmful chemicals are in contact with your feet for so many hours a day, and professional measures to give your feet enough room to breathe throughout the day.


Shoes for receiving passengers:


To receive passengers, the ideal shoe for a lady is a pump shoe to make her look more elegant.

However, they should have a wide heel, with a good base of support so as not to make you too tired.

make you look tired. For men, a classic, elegant lace-up shoe is perfect for these occasions.

Shoes for cabin service:


As you'll be walking several kilometres on the plane, the ideal is to have specific shoes for cabin service.

For women, we can recommend any of our ballerinas or moccasins. For men, we have the ideal moccasins, super light and flexible. 


Shoes for pilots:


In this case it's important that ladies don't wear heels in order to be more comfortable to fly, so we recommend lace-up shoes for women or our moccasins. For men, the ideal shoe is the moccasin, as they are not only elegant but also super-comfortable to wear for many hours.


Shoes for travelling through airports and for days off:


In this case we recommend sneakers; they're super-comfortable, elegant and highly durable as they're made from leather both inside and out. There are no more trainers like these. At Uniform-Shoes, you'll find the best women's sneakers and the best men's sneakers for professional use.

Now you know there's an ideal shoe for every occasion, just choose the right model!

Uniform-Shoes has been developing footwear for the aviation industry for over 25 years and today works with some of the best airlines in the world, providing probably the best range of footwear for aviation professionals on the market.

Discover the ideal shoe for every moment of your day.

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