Hiring in the Hospitality industry
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03 November 2022

Hiring in the Hospitality industry

Hiring in the Hospitality industry

After the travel restrictions have been lifted almost worldwide, hotels are filling up again. But instead of feeling a relief because business is finally picking up after the pandemic, hotel executives are encountering a new problem, lack of personal.

Most of the hotels around the world were obliged to reduce their staff during the pandemic, and now they are finding very difficult to bring people back. As it happened in many other demanding industries, employees took the time off to rethink their priorities, and many found new jobs with more flexibility or simply with “normal” working hours.

Even worst, chances are that a good part of the staff working in hotels today are also looking for other opportunities, and the main reasons for that are low wages; crazy schedules; levels of stress and lack of recognition.

To help you not fall into the staffing pit, we've put together here the two things our clients consider most crucial to a successful HR strategy:

  1. Value your current staff:
    1. Try to reduce stress levels with better planning and a good environment.
    2. Treat your staff with comfortable shoes like Uniform-Shoes 😊, you will be not only showing that you value their well-being, but you are also taking care of their safety.
  2. Master the recruitment process:
    1. Flexibility is key, prepare yourself for greater flexibility, this is a key element to hire and retain the best professionals. Sometimes having a slight bigger team might not be so costly after all.
    2. Multifaceted professionals can be a very good pocketknife to have. With the dynamic of the market, it will be inevitable to see people go, so if you have in your team people that can make more than one role you can always adjust. You might have to pay above average sometimes, so do it for a versatile professional.


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