How to deal with an angry client
Tips from our clients!

04 October 2022

How to deal with an angry client

How to deal with an angry client

Customers get rude and angry for a variety of reasons; in some cases, the complaints are justified and in some are not. The reality is that if you are dealing directly with the public, sooner or later there will be a situation in which you will have to deal with an angry customer.

Over more than 20 years dedicated to the production of occupational comfort footwear, we had the opportunity to talk to many professionals, from various geographies, in different sectors of activity and inevitably this theme came up in conversation. Over time we identified some common elements, elements that these professionals considered important to deal with these situations.

Today we share with you some tips to help you in such a moment, and who knows you may start with an unhappy client and end up with an ambassador.


Remain calm: In stressful situations this is sometimes the most difficult thing to do, but probably the single most important one. Make sure you stay in control of your emotions, instead of throwing back the stress or aggressiveness you are receiving, try to hold back a empathize with the client. In most of the cases, he doesn’t want to be in that position.

Don’t take it personally: Remember that the client doesn’t have a problem with you personally, he doesn’t know you, it’s always about the product, the service, a communication problem or simply a misunderstanding.

Really listen: Sometimes it is a really difficult thing to do, especially in stressful situations, but it is of the utmost importance for you to really understand the problem correctly, see possible solutions and show you respect the person in front of you, often a cause for misunderstandings.

Actively sympathize: Show the customer that you understand where they are coming from, express empathy for their unpleasant experience, respect can go a long way to solving problems. Don't be impatient, even if the customer is taking a long time to explain or ask questions reassure them, say they have as much time as they need to express themselves. If it makes sense, when it is appropriate, take the person to a place where they can talk without interruptions.

Find a solution: Find a solution the problem and propose it clearly to the client, normally a middle ground can be found to keep client reasonable satisfied. The rule “the client is always right” is still true but we, that contact with the public, know that sometimes company rules must be applied and that should be clearly said to the client in the most sympathetic way, offering him all the possibilities he has always trying to find a middle ground.

Take some time for yourself: It is always difficult to deal with angry clients, so after such an experience take some time to yourself and relax. Review the situation in your head, see what you can learn from it, how can you or the company avoid such a situation in the future,    and in the end move forward because we are all in constant learning.




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