Spot Flex®

17 October 2022

Spot Flex®

Spot Flex®

For a shoe to be truly comfortable, apart from soft leather, comfort insoles and appropriate measures for its use, it must have another essential characteristic "Flexibility".

The importance of flexibility becomes more obvious the longer we use the shoes consecutively, and the more demanding the profession is.

Hostesses, flight attendants, receptionists, chambermaids, waiters, waitresses, all have something in common, long shifts and many kilometers travelled daily, and it is in these conditions that flexibility becomes more important.

The models identified with SPOTFlex® are designed to ensure additional flexibility in areas where a normal shoe simply cannot, allowing you to move your foot throughout the day without any effort.

Gain freedom to perform your work in the best way without any limitation and with total comfort, ensuring extra flexibility where it normally does not exist. Discover our collection.

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