The history of women's pump shoes

28 March 2024

The history of women's pump shoes

The history of women's pump shoes

Women's pump shoes - a fascinating story through the ages

Women's pump shoes are timeless, synonymous with elegance and sophistication. But did you know that its history goes back thousands of years and that it has undergone many transformations to arrive at the form we know today? Let's discover the fascinating evolution of women's heeled shoes!

Practical origins the first high heels

The first steps of the women's heel shoe were not taken on a catwalk, but on much more practical ground. In Egypt, traces of high-heeled shoes have been found dating back to 3500 BC!  These ancestors of pump shoes were worn by butchers to keep away from blood and animal fluids. They were also worn by Persian horsemen in the 10th century, who used them to keep their feet more firmly in the stirrups.

Women's heel shoes, a symbol of social status

Europe discovered heel shoes later, in the Middle Ages.  By then, pump shoes were no longer just practical, they had become a social landmark. Only the nobility could afford to wear women's heels, because they were handmade and expensive.  The higher the heel, the higher the woman's social status.  Imagine parading around the royal court in ladies' heels!

From men's shoes to women's shoes

In the 16th and 17th centuries, heels were worn by both sexes.  Men proudly wore stilettos with high, thick heels as a sign of virility and power.  Gradually, the trend reversed.  Men's heels became lower and more functional, while women's heels maintained their height and became more refined.  This differentiation marked the birth of the women's shoe as we know it today.

An explosion of creativity: women's flat shoes over the centuries

Since the 18th century, women's heeled shoes have been constantly reinvented.  The Enlightenment saw the emergence of women's pump shoes delicately decorated with lace and ribbons.  In the 19th century, women's flat shoes adopted a more sober and practical style, with wider heels for greater stability.  The 20th century was a period of creative effervescence for women's flat shoes.  Stiletto heels appeared, lengthening the silhouette and emphasising sensuality.  Materials diversified, from exotic leather to shimmering satin.  The great couturiers competed with each other in their ingenuity to create ever more daring and glamorous women's heeled shoes.

Women's pump shoes today: a timeless classic

Today, women's high-heeled shoes are an essential part of any woman's wardrobe.  There's something for every taste and style: classic shoes with stiletto heels, more comfortable heels, platform shoes for a touch of eccentricity, colourful or patterned shoes for the more daring women.  Whether you're looking for a pair of women's heeled shoes for work, for a chic evening out or for an important event, you're sure to find the model that will enhance your look.

Women's heels: much more than just shoes

A woman's heeled shoe is much more than just a shoe. It's a symbol of femininity, self-confidence and power.  When you wear a pair of women's heeled shoes, you feel elegant, sophisticated and ready to conquer the world.  Whatever the fashion of the moment, women's high-heeled shoes will always be an essential part of a woman's wardrobe.

In the professional world, women's pump shoes are an essential element of an elegant and formal look.  For air hostesses, pilots and hotel receptionists, women's pump shoes help project a professional and refined image.  They make you feel more confident and assert your authority.  What's more, the right choice of women's pump shoes can also play an important role in ensuring comfort throughout the working day.  Women's heeled shoes with a perfect fit and the right heel height will allow you to walk the corridors and stand for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

Women's pump shoes are shoes that have stood the test of time, constantly reinventing themselves.  In the professional world, they continue to be a key part of an elegant and formal outfit, conveying an image of confidence and competence.  So don't hesitate to choose the pair of women's heeled shoes that will enhance your look and accompany you throughout your working day!

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